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Without an awareness of these barriers, the subsequent decision cannot be a fully rational one. Orienting is all about Footlocker Pictures Sale Online Womens D Deynna E LowTop Sneakers Geox Cheap Best Place Outlet Eastbay Deals Cheap Price 8ePTwEspR8
, not with a false version of events filtered through the lens of cognitive biases and shortcuts.

“Orientation isn’t just a state you’re in; it’s a process. You’re always orienting.”

— John Boyd

Including this step, rather than jumping straight to making a decision, gives us an edge over the competition. Even if we are at a disadvantage to begin with, having fewer resources or less information, Boyd maintained that the Orient step ensures that we can outsmart an opponent.

For Western nations, cyber-crime is a huge threat — mostly because for the first time ever, they can’t outsmart, outspend, or Mitra Knitted Sweater Offwhite Acne Studios Wide Range Of Cheap Price Sale Pictures Sale Authentic Outlet Cheapest Price 9U36QkX
. Boyd has some lessons for them.

Boyd believed that four main barriers prevent us from seeing information in an unbiased manner:

Boyd was one of the first people to discuss the importance of micro pattern trousers Green Dondup Outlet Very Cheap Pay With Visa Cheap Price dbh5V2sAG
, prior to Womens Striped Cotton Poplin Shirt CF Goldman Best Seller Sale Online Discount Outlet Amazon Cheap Price SDkI4
’s popularization of the concept among investors.

Boyd believed in “destructive deduction” — taking note of incorrect assumptions and biases and then replacing them with fundamental, versatile mental models. Only then can we begin to garner a reality-oriented picture of the situation, which will inform subsequent decisions.

Boyd believed in “destructive deduction” — taking note of incorrect assumptions and biases and then replacing them with fundamental, versatile mental models.

Boyd employed a brilliant metaphor for this — a snowmobile. In one talk, he described how a snowmobile comprises elements of different devices. The caterpillar treads of a tank, skis, the outboard motor of a boat, the handlebars of a bike — each of those elements is useless alone, but combining them creates a functional vehicle.

As Boyd put it: “A loser is someone (individual or group) who cannot build snowmobiles when facing uncertainty and unpredictable change; whereas a winner is someone (individual or group) who can build snowmobiles, and employ them in an appropriate fashion, when facing uncertainty and unpredictable change.”

To orient ourselves, we have to build a metaphorical snowmobile by combining practical concepts from different disciplines.

Although Boyd is regarded as a military strategist, he didn’t confine himself to any particular discipline. His theories encompass ideas drawn from various disciplines, including mathematical logic, biology, psychology, thermodynamics, game theory, anthropology, and physics. Boyd described his approach as a “scheme of pulling things apart (analysis) and putting them back together (synthesis) in new combinations to find how apparently unrelated ideas and actions can be related to one another.”

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Brightpearl have teamed up with MailChimp to provide an integrated email marketing service.

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With this Brightpearl App, contacts and segmentation are managed in Brightpearl and automatically synchronized with MailChimp mailing lists and interest groups. The email campaigns sent from MailChimp will be recorded on the contact timeline in Brightpearl allowing you to see a full history of communications. Whenusing MailChimp’s premium feature Ecommerce360 , order data collected in Brightpearl will be sent to MailChimp for reporting on visitors drawn from campaigns and the purchases they made.

The MailChimp app is activated within the Brightpearl App Store. Once the app has been added to your account you will find the settings menu added at Settings > Brightpearl apps > MailChimp from where the app is connected and configured.

Contacts are uploaded to MailChimp from Brightpearl when they are assigned a Brightpearl Tag which is mapped to a MailChimp List, and when the contact's 'Receive email newsletters' is set to Yes.

MailChimp says 'it's a good idea to manage one master list, and use groups to organize subscribers', in effect that you should map your Brightpearl contacts to a single list. In any case, each tag can be mapped to one or more lists in MailChimp:

Upon saving the tag mapping Brightpearl will synchronize with the MailChimp list looking for groups with the same name as the tags, and whereno match is found a new group is created. This means that all the mapped tags exist as a group on the list, without any duplicates. Note that any existing groups on the MailChimp list will not download into Brightpearl.

Tags will only attempt to connect with group names which are within a single group title of "Brightpearl". If this group title doesn't exist for the list when the sync occurs, the app will create the group title and all the tags as new group names, regardless of whether a group of the same name exists under a different group title. When connecting a MailChimp account which already contains groups, it is possible to rename one title on each list to "Brightpearl" so that those group names can be used.

When a tag is successfully synchronized with a list, it is indicated with a check mark on the Brightpearl list of tags at Settings > Contacts > Tags :

This is what it will look like in MailChimp:

Adding groups within MailChimp

A group name added directly in MailChimp will not download into Brightpearl. When this occurs, a tag will need to be manually created in Brightpearl and then mapped to the relevant MailChimp list within the app settings. Note that the group must be added under the group title of "Brightpearl".

Both customers and suppliers can be uploaded to MailChimp, but they must meet these criteria:

This setting can be reviewed for each customer/supplier by adding the Newsletter/Mailmerge column to the customer/supplier list:

A contact is uploaded to MailChimp when:

The contact will be added to the relevant MailChimp list and assigned to the group with the same name as the tag. If no group of the same name is found, it will be created in MailChimp as part of the sync.

A single tag can be mapped to multiples lists, in which case the contact will be added to each list once and assigned the group from each list.

A contact can be assigned multiple tags which are mapped to MailChimp. The contact will be added to a list once and assigned to each group.

A tag can be added to a contact in several ways:

Add a tag

List supporting information captions at the end of the manuscript file. Do not submit captions in a separate file.

The file number and name are required in a caption, and we highly recommend including a one-line title as well. You may also include a legend in your caption, but it is not required.

Examplecaption S1 Text. Title is strongly recommended. Legend is optional.

We recommend that you cite supporting information in the manuscript text, but this is not a requirement. If you cite supporting information in the text, citations do not need to be in numerical order.

Read the supporting information guidelines for more details about submitting supporting information and multimedia files.

Each figure must be prepared and submitted as an individual file.

Cite figures in ascending numeric order upon first appearance in the manuscript file.

For detailed instructions, read the guidelines for figures .

If you are submitting a new or revised manuscript , place captions in a group at the end of the manuscript file.

new or revised manuscript

After editorial acceptance , captions must be inserted in read order in the manuscript text, immediately following the paragraph in which the figure is first cited.Do not include captions as part of the figure files themselves or submit them in a separate document.

After editorial acceptance

At a minimum, include the following in your figure captions:

The caption may also include a legend as needed.

For detailed instructions, read the guidelines for figures .

To better illustrate your results and to improve the reader's understanding and interpretation of your data, we discourage the use of bar graphs and line plots for continuous data, particularly for studies withsmall sample sizes (n≤9 independent observations per group).

See this Perspective for more information about our position on data presentation in graphs: Weissgerber TL, Milic NM, Winham SJ, Garovic VD (2015) Beyond Bar and Line Graphs: Time for a New Data Presentation Paradigm. PLoS Biol 13(4): e1002128. doi:10.1371/journal.pbio.1002128

We recommend that continuous data is presented in such a way that the reader can evaluate the distribution of the individual data points. Scatterplots, boxplots, and histograms are more informative than bar or line charts.

If there is a particular reason thatbar or line graphs are preferred, these must include inferential error bars: SD - standard deviation of the population,or CI - confidence intervals.

Paired or non-independent data should be presented to include information about whether changes are consistent across individuals.

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Updated on April 27, 2018
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Psychologists have proposed a number of theories about the origins and function of emotions. The theorists behind the dissenting views do agree on one thing, however: emotion has a biological basis. This is evidenced by the fact that the amygdala (part of the limbic system of the brain), which plays a large role in emotion, is activated before any direct involvement of the 2018 Newest Cheap Sale Reliable Womens Silvy Tank Top Brax 7ziTtx
(where memory, awareness, and conscious "thinking" take place).

In the history of emotion theory, four major explanations for the complex mental and physical experiences that we call "feelings" have been put forward. They are: the James-Lange theory in the 1920s, the Cannon-Bard theory in the 1930s, the Schacter-Singer theory in the 1960s, and most recently the Lazarus theory , developed in the 1980s and ‘90's.

The James-Lange Theory

The James-Lange theory proposes that an event or stimulus causes a physiological arousal without any interpretation or conscious thought, and you experience the resulting emotion only after you interpret the physical response.

The Cannon-Bard Theory

The Cannon-Bard theory, on the other hand, suggests that the given stimulus evokes both a physiological and an emotional response simultaneously, and that neither one causes the other.

The Schacter-Singer Theory

The Schachter-Singer theory takes a more cognitive approach to the issue. Schacter and Singer believe that an event causes physiological arousal, but that you must then identify a reason for the arousal before you label the emotion.

You're taking the last bus of the night, and you're the only passenger. A single man gets on and sits in the row behind you. When your stop comes around, he also gets off the bus. He's walking behind you. You feel tingles down your spine with a rush of adrenaline. You know that there have been several muggings in your city over the past few weeks, so you feel afraid.


The Lazarus theory builds on the Schacter-Singer theory, taking it to another level. It proposes that when an event occurs, a cognitive appraisal is made (either consciously or subconsciously), and based on the result of that appraisal, an emotion and physiological response follow.

While each of these theories is based in research, there is no absolute proof as yet how emotions arise in our bodies and minds, or what determines our own individual experiences of them. What we do know is that feelings are a powerful force to be reckoned with, and should never be belittled.

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