What are some best queen size memory foam mattresses to buy in 2021

Memory foam mattresses mainly consist of polyurethane, but some additional chemicals are added to increase its density and viscosity. Memory foam mattresses are top-rated these days due to their pressure-relieving feature as they fit inside your body. This feature of memory foam mattress plays a vital role in spinal alignment. Memory foam mattresses have two types called open-cell memory foam mattresses and gel memory foam mattresses. These mattresses are the latest innovations in the memory foam mattress industry as they solved the main problem of overheating. Ames research center of NASA developed memory foam in 1966 under a contract. Memory foam became public in 1980. Initially, it was expensive, and very companies started making it. Later it became cheap and was affordable for most people.  Memoryry foam mattresses were used in medicine because patients under certain medical conditions were recommended to sleep on a memory foam mattress.

What is a queen size mattress?

Queen size mattress is considered as a standard bed size.  Its dimensions are 5 feet by 6 to 7 feet. This is widely used because it is ideal for couples and people who prefer more space on their beds. After all, they move frequently.

Best queen size memory foam mattresses to buy in 2021

One of the best queen size memory foam mattresses to consider has high-quality, durable memory foam.  Individuals can feel the classical feeling of memory foam where their body will slowly sink inside the mattress. This mattress costs just 700 $ for queen size.  This is the best queen memory foam mattressThis memory foam mattress is ideal for back sleepers and side sleepers. Back sleepers will experience a high body contouring level, whereas side sleepers will feel negligible pressure on their sharp pressure points, including hips and shoulders. The memory foam used in this mattress is soft and durable.  It also gives 1-year sleep trial. Surprisingly only 3 % of consumers have returned after trial till now. 

 Consider you are a back sleeper and your partner is a side sleeper.  You two have different needs and preferences. Do not worry; buy this queen size memory foam mattress with 2 firmness levels.  One side is comparatively soft than the others.  The soft side is ideal for side sleepers as it helps in pressure-relieving, whereas the other side, which is comparatively firm, is perfect for back sleepers as it provides excellent support. In addition to this fantastic feature,  this mattress has a copper-infused top layer, which keeps it cool. 

Another impressive mattress is in the market. This gel memory foam mattress has multiple layers,  making it perfect for any type of sleeper. It also suits all body types. This gel memory foam mattress is quite affordable in queen size and is surely one of the best mattresses of 2020. Do not worry if you are hesitating about buying a memory foam mattress due to its overheating drawback.  This gel memory foam mattress keeps the temperature cool. Hurry up folks!! Its time to buy your new mattress.